Malmö through my android phone

This my gorgeous view from my work. I know, I am a sucker for photo apps but I can’t help it. It all looks so beautiful. This is Malmö, the third biggest city in Sweden and this is the place where we all ride our bikes and walk. If you see a car you know he is out of town. Most 25 year olds don’t have  a driving liscense because we don’t need one.

It was raining  a bit last month.

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Swedish artist, Ernst Billgren

Well his art is very strange. I like strange but I like his face better then his art. This is a very gorgeus man. He reminds me of a boy I was in love with when I was a child. I won’t say his name, he might be reading this. I will just call him E.

E loved horses. My mum had a horse. One time me and him went with my mum to the stables and when he tried to get on the horse he fell over to the other side. It was exactly like a really bad comedy but it did happen and I laughed so hard that snot came out of my nose. I was so embarrassed. I never spoke a word to him after that day.

My first love…

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So I wonder where all my visitors come from? I am not working hard enough for you guys. I get about 30 hits per day and sometimes I don’t check my blog for weeks. Well thank you anyway, whoever you are.


well here I am. 🙂

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I just sat and googled stuff and I came across this gorgeus wall. I am amazed that people can paint like this. It’s beautiful.


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What type of wrinkles will you have?

I feel old today.

I am turning 25 today and I am not happy about it at all. I wanted to find a picture that can show you how tired I am of my life. Tired of getting older. Tired of not living. I keep on pushing everything forward. I know it is all on me but how do you change? How do you not do what you know? How do you do what you don’t know?

Wrinkles can be beautiful. Not always, but sometimes. Some wrinkles show that you have lived your life. Some other type of wrinkles only show what you are afraid of. I know what type of wrinkles I will have.

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this is me if u were wondering



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Art in my ears

Joni Mitchell may not look picture perfect but I bet for a lot of people out there she is the most beautiful woman they know. For me she is. Her music makes me feel happy and calm but sad at the same time. She makes me laugh at times. For me she sums up what beauty is all about.


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