Is Edwards girl naked?

I’m having a difficult time seeing if she is naked or wearing clothes. If I knew the title of this lovely piece of art by Edward Hopper maybe I would know and stop asking stupid questions that no one reads anyway?

The window is large and low. We don’t have those type of windows in Sweden so I’m drawn to them.

I just noticed she’s wearing shoes. Then maybe she isn’t naked?

I like the green floor and the red lamp makes the room look warm. The only cold thing in the room is the woman. She is looking out the window but at what? Is she looking for someone? Is she trying to hide her tears from us? Is that why she is hiding her face with her hair? Whenever theres a picture of a girl not looking straight at us we always think there is something wrong. Well at least I do.


About thoughtsaboutart

My name is Melanie and I am a 24 year old woman living in the south of Sweden. I love writing and reading on my spare time and the reason I choose to have this blog in english is so I can meet new people/writers/bloggers. Sweden is a great country but the people can be a bit boring at times so if you want a european blogger friend then here I am. I live in Malmöö and I've lived here since I was 15 years of age. Before that I lived in a cottage in the woods with my english dad and swedish mum and two siblings. Sometimes I want to move out to the country side but then I remember I don't have a driving license and I realise I have to live in the city.
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2 Responses to Is Edwards girl naked?

  1. doronio says:

    Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for subscribing to me. Your blog is interesting, in a good way, of course.

    As for the painting, from my perspective, it looks as if the girl is naked. She’s enjoying having her apartment to herself and is people watching, just for the hell of it… You know, naked people watching. 🙂

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